Protection and Control Panels

Ingenious Network can design and supply all kinds of Protection and Control panels for all your applications. Whether it is for a single transformer or line protection panel, or a complete turnkey package for a high voltage substation using IEC-61850 communication protocol, our engineers use the latest software tools to ensure that the drawings are produced rapidly and without errors.

Our protection and control panels are designed and manufactured to industry standards and client’s specifications. We offer outdoor and indoor enclosures, custom fabricated, or off-the-shelf. Our freedom to choose from multiple manufacturers of relays and other auxiliary equipments ensures that the customer will receive a technically compliant solution at a very competitive price.

Ingenious Network has supplied, from manufacturing facility in Sharjah, several protection and control panels to various electrical industries and utilities throughout Middle East, setting the standard in quality and competitiveness. We can undertake both the design and manufacturing process, or manufacture the panels in accordance with our client's design and specifications.

Ingenious Network offers a variety of enclosure designs from metal specialists and enclosure manufacturers. We can supply swing frame, fixed frame, 19” mounting system, wall mount cubicles, freestanding enclosures and duplex walk-through panels etc. Our experience with a variety of panel designs ensures that we will be able to meet our client’s requirement. Any color, size, metal thickness, accessibility requirements can be met with no compromise on cost or delivery time.

Our engineers are experienced with all kinds of site installation, testing and commissioning activities; therefore, proper consideration is given to the type of arrangement needed on site e.g. front or rear access to the panel, swing frame or fixed frame, ingress protection and dust-control reasons etc. Even the selection of the minor equipments like terminal blocks, switches and the type of wires and lugs is done with proper consideration of site conditions and specifications.

Ingenious Network recognizes the impact of a poorly engineered and manufactured system on the site installation and commissioning costs. Our manufacturing team is extensively trained on International Wiring Standards and we have a fool-proof Quality Control System with five stage quality control process, which results in world class quality and hassle-free site installation and commissioning. Accordingly, we perform a full functional test of the panels as well as wiring and insulation testing before final inspection. We always encourage our customers to attend the factory testing process.

We can design and manufacture any kind of protection and control panels within challenging time-frame. Our main products include:

  • Feeder Protection Panels
  • High Impedance Bus Bar Protection Panels
  • Bus Section Protection Panels
  • Shunt Capacitor Protection Panels
  • Load Shedding Panels
  • Metering and Transducer Panels
  • Annunciation Panels
  • Junction and VT Boxes
  • Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Panels
  • Bay Control Unit (BCU) Panels
  • Remote Tap Changer Control (RTCC) Panels
  • Transformer Protection Panels
  • Low Impedance Bus Bar Protection Panels
  • Bus Coupler Protection Panels
  • Series Reactor Protection Panels
  • Automatic Bus Transfer Panels
  • SCADA Marshalling Panels
  • Interface Panels
  • Fault and Event Recorder Panels
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Panels
  • Mimic and Mosiac Control Panels
  • Battery Monitor System (BMS) Panels