Quality Policy

Ingenious Network FZC is fully committed to Design, Manufacture and Deliver on time High Quality, Cost Effective Electrical Control & Protection Products, Power Automation Solutions & Professional Services and will always strive to meet or exceed the Customer’s Quality Expectations.

To maintain quality performance at the highest level, the following aims are pursued:

  • To cultivate and maintain the commitment to continual improvement and communicate our goals and objectives to every employee.
  • To promote a working environment where training and tools are provided for all work to proceed in a safe and efficient fashion;
  • To furnish a system of procedures and policies which are periodically reviewed to ensure the ability of all groups to perform their work effectively.
  • Not to make promises which cannot be kept
  • Actively seek the views of our customers and use this as the basis for continual service improvements
  • Treat our customers and staff with respect

  • General Manager
    Ahmed A. Bader